• Resident living with dementia giving the thumbs up

    Resident living with dementia giving the thumbs up

Guide to Choosing a Dementia Day Centre

Selecting a Day Centre for your loved one should not be a cumbersome chore. To assist you with your decision, we have prepared this guide to use while visiting and talking to various Day Centres.

Did you know that…

Adult Day Centres are not registered by the Care Quality Commission in the same way that Care Homes are. So you will often find a great variation in the standards, facilities, staffing levels and staff qualifications.

If a Day Centre is part of a Care Home, you cannot always be sure the standards are the same as in the Care Home.

Not all Day Centres are specialist Dementia Day Centres, and if your loved one is living with dementia – even early stages – it will be best to attend a  specialist Dementia Day Centre where the staff are fully trained and can focus on the person’s abilities in order to decrease agitation and frustration.

As dementia is progressing it is best to attend the same familiar centre.

We have found that when a person living with dementia visits us for a fun day they are calmer when they go home, and often families have said the calmness lasts overnight and through the next day.

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